Club Mustang Outaouais Regulations

This page provides the club regulations for Club Mustang Outaouais



The Club Mustang Outaouais is a social and friendly club that brings together Mustang enthusiasts. The Club was founded on July 10, 2007 under the name of Club Gatineau Mustang. In order to expand the territory of the members we serve (Outaouais vs Gatineau), the name was changed to Club Mustang Outaouais, October 22, 2019. This development will allow members of the Outaouais region to share their passion, namely the common interest of Mustang cars of all years and generations The Club is run by volunteers and is non-profit. We are determined to keep our Club, through its mission and values, a club for which everyone will be proud to be a member.


The term "Club" used in this document and is defined as the abbreviated form of "Club Mustang Outaouais". The masculine form used in this document also designates the feminine form.


The executive committee's mission is to promote the gathering of Mustang enthusiasts from the Outaouais in an atmosphere of respect and relaxation.


The Club values ​​respect and commitment to the Club and asks members to adhere to these values.


Respect is a paramount value within our Club at all levels of the organization. We want each member of our club to be treated with respect and be able to express themselves freely according to their values. During our meetings, each of our members must respect the laws, places, regulations and code of conduct so that we can all socialize in a friendly atmosphere.


We direct our efforts and actions towards respecting our values. Our Club values ​​and supports participation. It is important to us to get involved in the community on a voluntary basis. It is in this same line of thought that we value your support within the Club. Do not hesitate to get involved in organizing activities.


At any time, misconduct, whether insults, hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, anti-religious targeting members / spouses will not be tolerated, whether via the internet, the Club web page or Club Facebook pages, or any social media platform.

No violence, threat or harassment against a member / spouse will be tolerated. It must be remembered that threats to a person constitute a criminal offense under section 264.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol, drugs or narcotics to bring drink to the meeting places, non-compliance may result in the expulsion of the place.


The Club organizes raffles for gifts on a regular basis during various activities, for example door prizes, by name and to be fair to all, the winner (s) must be present at the draw to claim their prize, otherwise a new ticket will be drawn.


The Club is in no way responsible for the content of members' messages, however, it is everyone's responsibility to keep the Club's image. The Club and its executive committee disclaim any responsibility in the event of a hacking. Members are individually responsible for their own actions. The Club disclaims all responsibility following the misconduct of one of its members. In any case, the Club cannot be held responsible. The Club only assumes the role of organizer. Members must remove all tights connected to the club when selling their car.

The content of the Club regulations may be amended at any time at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee.

Revised on 3 February 2020.